How would it feel if you could:

  • Have everyone eat the same meal
  • Know that your child is happy and healthy
  • Count on peaceful mealtimes

At That Makes Sense OT, we will help you to

reconnect and build trust in the feeding process

with clear, easy to implement tips to reduce the

overwhelm and re-establish harmony in your home.


We’ve created a way to

get rid of the power struggles at mealtimes and make a safe space for families to participate in fun food exploration activities and become the curious, adventurous little beings they were born to be.

If you are struggling at mealtimes, you need our guide!

We used the top evidence-based tips

to bring you ready to use suggestions

to help you have less stress at mealtimes. 


Eating is complicated!

Eating uses all 8 of the sensory systems, all muscles of the body, and 6 of the 10 cranial nerves.

Picky eating is not only hard on the family, it can lead to a host of serious health concerns including: 

  • Significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Decreased cognitive functioning
  • Decreased energy to participate in physical activities
  • Social isolation

Not only is eating complicated, it is sensory and social.

When your sensory system is nicely regulated through connection, it opens the door to increased exploration.

We call this the "window of tolerance", and Elijah's window was wide open during this activity. Using play to explore challenging foods with challenging sensory activities becomes more tolerable in a trusted, no-pressure relationship.

Let’s build relationships and become resilient successful partners in the feeding journey.

At That Makes Sense OT:

  • We help families through kid-friendly video modeling
  • Fun food exploration activities
  • Easy educational tips to implement at home

We help parents and their children feel safe, seen and heard so they can transform their mealtime power struggles and become harmonious, resilient families held together with love, acceptance and hope.


We give you the insight and educational tips to link all of the body systems and functions together. Our knowledge, expertise, and over 30 years experience will tip the needle toward successful eating.

We provide direct concierge-style therapy and consultation/coaching services online and in person for sensory processing and feeding difficulties.  

That Makes Sense OT is here to be your guide and biggest cheerleader along the way. Apply for feeding therapy today!

Success Story

Mason & Madison - Age 10

"The twins both had multiple feeding issues, and the way they responded to sensory input was different. Both twins have expanded their diets and with encouragement are willing to try new foods. My daughter has become less sensory seeking and improved her ability to focus within a group setting. My son has become able to identify when he needs to take a sensory break. I, as a mother, know exactly what sensory activities will help to regulate him. Brenda has a huge knowledge base and is skilled at what she does. She gave me hope, and she gave my twins a future. Brenda has been nothing short of a miracle worker!"

- Terry H.